Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sister Wives

Tonight is the season premier of Sister Wives on TLC.  Yes, I am a fan.  The polygamist life style is not one that I would choose for myself, but it does make for some interesting TV!  Here is the mani that I did for the occasion. 

Index - Meri
Nail - (Formula X by Sephora) Unmistakable
Design - (China Glaze) Sci-Fi (IP) BM-418

Middle - Janelle
Nail - (Formula X by Sephora) Thrilling
Design - (China Glaze) Hi-Tek (IP) BM-409

Ring - Christine
Nail - (Formula X by Sephora) Brazen
Design - (China Glaze) Emotion (IP) m35

Pinky - Robyn
Nail - (Formula X by Sephora) Infatuated
Design - (China Glaze) Awaken (IP) BM-410

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