Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Orly Sparkle Collection

Christmas time may be over, but I've got several 2014 holiday polishes that I haven't even worn yet!  I recently got to enjoy the Sparkle collection by Orly and really loved it... with the exception of one shade (which I will comment on later in this post). 

First up is Bling, a gold holographic polish that is unlike anything that I've seen and unlike anything that I have in my collection.

Mirrorball is my favorite polish of this collection.  It's a silver holographic micro glitter.  I wore this beauty on New Years Eve and love it!

Steal The Spotlight is my second favorite in this collection.  I love the sprinkle of pink glitter with the teal.

Glitter Bomb is a multicolored glitter in a clear base.  This one would work well as a fun glitter topper.  I used several coats here to make it opaque.  (Thank God for OPI's glitter off base coat!)

Tinsel is so fun and festive and just screams Christmas.  I loved it!  This is two coats over white polish.  You can guarantee that this will be used for many holiday seasons to come. 

Explosion of fun was my least favorite, which is odd considering that it's pink (which is my favorite color of all time).  This was clearly meant to be used as a topper, which I've seen in other blogger swatches.  I wanted to see if I could make it opaque.  That was a major fail.  I can't tell you how many coats this is.  I lost count after seven.  If I reach for this polish again, you can guarantee that it will be used as a topper only. 

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