Monday, November 21, 2016

Zoya Urban Grunge Collection - My Picks

Zoya's Fall 2016 Urban Grunge Collection consists of 12 polishes in crème, metallic, shimmer and scatter holographic formulas.  Here are my picks:

Alicia is a silver scatter holographic polish with a golden flash.  Yes, silver holographics are nothing new, but the splash of gold makes this one special.

Finley is a purple scatter holographic in a Jelly formula.  Yes, Jelly! I love Jellies and this one is absolutely beautiful.

Merida is an emerald green scatter holographic in a Jelly Formula.  This polish was the most anticipated polish of the season for me.  I've been waiting for a green scatter holographic like this one forever and now I have it.  I cannot wait to wear this during the Christmas season.  Thank you Zoya!!!

Tara is a deep plum in a crème formula.  This was a surprise hit for me.  It was also a hit for others as well.  I was amazed by all of the comments that I received while wearing this polish.  Everyone wanted to know what it was and where they could get it.  Another winner for Zoya.

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