Friday, June 10, 2011

Comparison - Simply Smashing and Gleek Out.

Here is a comparison that I did a while ago...  Sephora by OPI - Gleek Out (from the Glee Collection) and OPI - Simply Smashing (from the Serena Williams Collection).  Close, but not dupes!  Can I justify having both?  You know I can!  Gleek Out leans more green while Simply Smashing has a bit more yellow to it.  Reminds me of a sparkly tennis ball!  But, then again, I’m sure that’s what Serena was going for.  Love them both!
(Remember... pix are clickable to view them larger.)


  1. I have Simply Smashing, but I definitely can justify having both. They are different:)Looking at the photos, I like Gleek Out more:)

  2. I think I prefer Simply Smashing, I've been lemming that one for a while, haha.
    Great to see other Canadian bloggers!:)